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Judaica - Pin
UPC CodeDescription ThemePicture Sugg.
HH4281-05   701670 428155 Teacher Charmer w/StarPin New [More Info]$20.00
HH4282-05  701670 428254 Music Charmer w/StarPin New [More Info]$20.00
HH4283-05  701670 428353 Artist Charmer w/StarPin New [More Info]$20.00
HH4284-05  701670 428452 Noah�s Ark w/StarPin New [More Info]$16.50
HH4285-05  701670 428551 Kids Mean the World to Me w/StarPin New [More Info]$17.00
HH4286-05  701670 428650 Floral Grandma w/StarPin New [More Info]$15.00
HH4287-05  701670 428759 Family & Friends w/StarPin New [More Info]$16.50
HH4289-05  701670 428957 Shaping Lives w/StarPin New [More Info]$18.00
HH4290-05  701670 429060 Better Together w/StarPin New [More Info]$17.00
VB2544-05  701670 254402 Shalom with DovePin [More Info]$15.00
VB2546-04  701670 254600 ChamsaPin [More Info]$15.00
VB2547-05  701670 254709 ChaiPin [More Info]$15.00
VB1926-05  701670 192605 Mazel Tov with StarPin [More Info]$15.00

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