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World Heart with Kids    Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are the children Two Hands helps?
Two Hands, Inc. is a for-profit corporation that works with a select group of local non-profit organizations whose primary concerns are for children who are disabled, disadvantaged, or seriously ill. We work with local organizations because it allows us direct interaction with the children, all of which is very important to us and is done during regular business hours. It allows us to see, first hand, the benefits of our time and the company's financial contributions. Meeting Street Center, a nationally recognized school for children with disabilities and serious illnesses based in East Providence, Rhode Island is our primary beneficiary. In 1996 we began to include Community Preparatory School, a school for disadvantaged inner-city children in Providence, Rhode Island.

What does Two Hands contribute to these organizations?
The most valuable contribution we make is the time we spend interacting with the children and their teachers in the development of ongoing art and learning programs which center around the children. During business hours, we schedule and participate in special programs and field trips with the children and faculty. These activities are based on predetermined themes to provide the inspiration for the children to create artistic expressions of their thoughts and feelings. Besides quality time, Two Hands contributes 1% of total corporate sales annually to these organizations. Our financial contributions are determined by sales, not profitability.

Do the children really design the product?
Two Hands selects a theme each season to develop its product. These themes are given to the children and the creativity begins through programs based around a collective learning experience, sometimes known as adventures, about each theme. The children inspire Two Hands' designers through their thoughts and their artwork. We work hard to keep the child's spirit in each piece we create. The children contribute on whatever level they can. It all means something to us.

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Are there ongoing new products?
Yes! The design programs are ongoing within the organizations we reach and we are constantly developing new products based around these programs and their themes. We have a basic collection (our occupational and inspirational themes) which carries over season to season with new items added throughout the year. We also produce new, themed collections plus seasonal mini-collections for holidays such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah each year. Our product is collectible.

How does a consumer obtain more information about Two Hands?
On the back of each product card or box is an information label with our mailing address. Today you can email us directly, right this very minute if you want! Or, you can go to our contact page for more traditional methods of communicating with us.

Two Hands is about doing business in a holistic manner, a whole and embracing way, one in which we are interactive within our community during our business hours and one which speaks to abilities, not disabilities; advantages, not disadvantages; and heroes, not victims.

Two Hands is a best practices company.

Thank you for caring enough to ask about us!

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